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Hello, my name is Andrew Wade Jackson. My friends call me Drew. When my mommy was 17 weeks pregnant they found out that I have a severe heart defect called an unbalanced atrioventricular septal defect. This means I have holes in the septal wall of my heart and that only 1 of my 2 ventricles is working properly. This heart defect was caused by trisomy 21 often known as Downs Syndrome.
I was born in Kalispell on July 10th and 3 hours after birth took my first plane ride to Seattle. I was there for 10 days as they monitored my heart. Then I went home to Kalispell to be with my family.
On September 10th I was set to have a pulmonary band surgery which is normally a low risk surgery. However, they were not able to do this surgery and had to begin the "Norwood" series of surgeries. My first surgery was Sept. 11th. Early in the morning I went into surgery spending 4 hours on the heart and lung by-pass machine. When it was time to come off they could not get my heart and lungs started again. I went on a life support machine called ECMO which takes the blood from the body, gives it oxygen and sends it back. This machine would be my best friend for the next 12 days and ultimately saved my life. After many days on life support, many more in the CICU, and a while on the floor I was able to return home. At home I was on oxygen full time, had a feeding tube, and many medications. On April 28th, 2009 I had my second open heart surgery, the Glenn. This surgery was not near as eventful as the first and we were able to return home after only 15 days away. At home things have gone well. I am now without oxygen and without my feeding tube. Currently my Cardiologist is watching me closly as we wait for my next open heart surgery, the Fontan. This will take place between the ages of three and five. My mommy and daddy are nervous as this surgery is more major than the last. Given the complexity of my heart, my past history of issues, and my trisomy 21 make my surgerys more difficult. However, my mommy and daddy trust in the Lord and the Power of Prayer.

August of 2011 we decided to move to Seattle to be closer to Childrens and are adjusting to life in the big city. On Tuesday July 31st I will have my next major open heart surgery. Please remember to say a prayer for me.

Thank you for visiting my site.

Here are a few statistics about my life from July 10, 2008 to July 24,2012:

Days lived at Childrens: 55
Days in ICU: 33
Days on Life Support: 17
2 Open Heart Surgery(Complete with Heart and Lung By-Pass machine)
1 Heart Surgery
3 Heart Cauterization
1 Life Flight(Kalispell to Seattle)
1 Ambulance Ride(Kalispell Hospital to Airport)
3 Trips to Seattle
1 Cardiac Arrest(Complete with CPR and Epinephrine-This saved my life)
To many Echocardiograms to count
To many trips to Cardiologist to count
To many blood transfusions to count

Please say a prayer for me.

Love, Baby Drew and Family

Monday, December 29, 2008

Wonderful Time of the Year

Well Christmas came and went, but at least here we had a very white Christmas. We had a very wonderful day celebrating the birth of Christ, and of course Santa came. My sisters were very excited to see presents under the tree, but as for me, I really didn't know what to think-beings my first Christmas and all. I have attached a couple photos of me with my new toys. Also, I gave my mommy and daddy a gift, but so far it has lasted one day. On Saturday I ate from a bottle for the first time since my surgery, not a lot, but enough to get everyone really excited.

I also have some news from my cardiologist. The third week in January he will present my case to the group. They will then collectively decide the next course of action. It is possible we will have to travel to Seattle for me to have a heart cauterization and then travel back home while the doctors devise a plan. They could also set a date for my surgery, do the heart cauterization as part of my presurgery appointments and hope my pressure is down. Either way they need to test the pressure level in my lungs (pulmonary hypertension) to determine if it is safe for me to have surgery. If the levels are there, then we wait, if not they will move forward.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and wish you a prosperous New Year!

Please remember to say a prayer for me.

Love, Drew and Family.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Is that Santa I see?

I hope you like my new outfit. Yes, this is my first Christmas outfit and everyone says that I make a great Santa. There is not much new with me. Still on my oxygen and taking my medicine. I am getting stronger and was holding my head up for a little while on my own. My mommy and daddy get so excited to see my strength coming back. They are very worried for my next surgery and have been saying lots of prayers. Hopefully the pressure levels in my lungs is better and I will breeze right through.

Please remember to say a prayer for me.

Love, Drew and Family

Thursday, December 11, 2008

What a Weekend

Wow, last weekend was very busy for my family. On Saturday was my benefit. Since I cannot be around people my mommy and daddy had to go for me. They had a good time and said that our friends Rikki and Kim did an incredible job. They feel very blessed to have such great friends and live in such a wonderful community.

Sunday was my daddy's birthday. We had to get up really early to see my Grandpa and Aunt before they had to leave. Then we went home and spend a nice day with daddy. He said that I was the best gift he could have received. My daddy's favorite football team, the Broncos, won their game which made my daddy happy.

I am still doing well. My cardiologist, Dr. Hardy, told my mommy that he is going to present my case in January. This means that my next surgery will likely fall between January and March. My mommy and daddy are very nervous and scared for this surgery because of all I went through last time. We are all praying that this one goes well and I recover with no problems. All we can do is trust in the Lord and he will take care of me.

Please remember to say a prayer for me.

Love, Drew and Family